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Known internationally for its Oktoberfest, Munich is a charming city in numerous ways. If you are planning to move abroad, here are just a few reasons why moving to Munich could be the right choice. The total population of Munich is currently about 1.27 million, and just over 12,200 of these are English-speaking expats, so it is one of the most popular German cities for foreigners to settle.

Munich is a city with a truly vibrant culture. It has several exceptional historical sites: the Residenz (former palace of the Bavarian monarchs) now houses historic tapestries, porcelain and other works of art; the Frauenkirche (Notre-Dame cathedral); the Marienplatz (Sainte-Marie square) where the Neues Rathaus (town hall) is located. In old Munich, you’ll find shops selling traditional Bavarian outfits: the Lederhosen (leather pants) and the unmissable Dirndl (dresses).


Food and drink

Munich is associated with huge Biergarten or “beer gardens”. The atmosphere is joyful; people meet to share a good beer and a bite to eat. Here you can enjoy tasty local delicacies, such as roast chicken, pork knuckle, gigantic pretzels and other Bavarian fresh cheeses like Obatzda. The most popular beer gardens are the Augustiner Keller, near the station; the Chinesischer Turm or the Hirschgarten. If a Mass (one-litre beer mug) might scare you, you can order a Radler, a pleasant mixture of soda and beer. Prosit!

Bavarian cuisine can be quite heavy but, it’s hard not to give in to the tantalizing smells of Munchner Schnitzel; Bratwürste (grilled sausages); Sauerkraut; Kaasspatzen (noodles with fried onions and melted cheese); Schweinsbraten (roast pork with beer sauce) or Kartoffelknödel (potato balls). You can easily find these specialities in any Munich restaurant. Many markets in the city also offer these different typical dishes.


Quality of life

If you decide to settle in Munich, you will be immediately surprised and seduced by the calm and the sweetness of life enjoyed by those who live there. Most people in Munich get around mainly by bicycle, and the centre is completely pedestrianized. The city is generally modern, clean and safe and the mountains are only 45 minutes away by car – so many benefits that will make your daily life sweeter. There are many excellent schools, including international schools offering education in English and other foreign languages.


Good opportunities for expats

Munich is currently one of the most prosperous cities in the EU and offers many professional opportunities. Even if the cost of living is quite expensive, the salaries are competitive. The city is the location of the headquarters of many large German and international companies such as BMW, Amazon, Airbus and Microsoft. The unemployment rate in 2020 was only 4.5%, and the industrial, automotive, financial services, or communications sectors are still recruiting. It is possible to work only in English, but fluency in German is a significant advantage.

If you are now tempted to move to the capital of Bavaria, why not make life easy and use the help of the expert consultants?