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Holistic professional services

Holistic professional services


Product Description

I am specialized with over 10 years of professional experience with business accounting/bookkeeping including strong IT- and business consulting for various midsized companies in Germany.

My goal is to provide for my clients holistic experience and the maximum of services possible. It is important that the best and most convenient option is chosen according to the needs of my clients.

Now what makes me unique? Many consultants are specialized only in one field and they can only support you with a specific topic. You might require multiple consultants to fulfill your needs in case of kickstarting your projects.

I can offer you holistic packages of support for private reasons, opening a business and making sure your business is calibrated with the standards of Europe/Germany as well.

I can accompany you with my professional “Passenger accommodation licence” and pick you up for any business need. I got paramedic certification as well as 34§ GEWO civil protection certificate which enables me to protect and serve life while accommodating you on any tour. You are well protected not only physically but also all your relocation services can be maintained with the best quality you can imagine.

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