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De-Register Address

Its purpose is to avoid tax fraud

Anyone who decides to leave Germany has to go to the local Residence’ Office, de-register, and name the new address of residence, even if it is in another country. The earliest de-registration date can be a maximum of 7 days prior to the departure and the latest 14 days after the departure. In case you forgot to deregister, either try to do it online or write a power of attorney to a relocation consultant who would do the deregistration for you. This step in the departure process is very important because you could encounter unnecessary questions and worse from the Foreigner’s Department and Residence’ Office when you choose to come back to Germany. Furthermore, the German tax office could make you liable to pay income tax on your world income in Germany. In case you do not pay that tax, willingly or not, you will be accused of tax fraud. If you move within Germany, you have only to re-register at the Residence’ Office of the new property address. Do it right.

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